Stephanie's Mustang Corral
updated 8/21/09


Welcome to my Virtual Corral. Most every link on this page will take you to pages and pages of info about these projects.

Over a year since my last update! Holy Moly, I've been busy! Opened a retail store, playing nurse to a dog with cancer, raising a new puppy (the back-up for cancer-dog). I had that danged boat I was playing around with, I finally gave that project away. It was starting to feel like I would never get back to the mustang. For about two years the Mustang has been sitting in the driveway under a couple layers of tarps and covers. It's time to roll it back into the shop and start tinkering with it.


I am a Ford Mustang enthusiast and I have had six mustangs. I currently have one.

 1974 Mustang II Mach I currently being restored


This website for many years was dedicated mainly to my restoration efforts on my 68 coupes,

   Old Bloo


   and Deja Bloo.


 I sold Deja to John Z in W. VA and he flew out here to WA State and drove it home (brave guy). Now Deja is finished and beautiful. It was even in a calendar this year!


I have also had a 95 GT Conv, which was my daily driver for several years, and a 94 Cobra, which was fun and fast. I drag raced it a couple times, once resulting in bringing home a neat plaque that now hangs on my wall from the first annual Ford Fever Classic at Woodburn. Sure, I got second, but I still thought it was pretty cool.

For about a year and a half I had a very cool 1984 Mustang SVO which I was fixing up when I found my old Mach I. I sold it to pay for the Mach's restoration. I hope to have another one someday because the SVO is just a really nice driving car, and very very fast! VERY FAST! You have to feel the boost to believe it! And I hadn't even had a chance to tune it up. It is truly a car that doesn't get the respect it deserves.

So, I'm a girl, and I restore cars, often with my own two little hands (there's more of us than you might think). My Dad and Grandpa were both mechanics and I grew up hanging around the family shop. My first car was a 74 Mustang II - the same one at the top of this page. 12 years after I sold it I hunted it down and brought it back home.

I have also had an addiction for Miata.  I've owned three of them, but I am currently Miata-less.

I love to email with other mustangers, and particularly other girls who know how to get their hands dirty (or wish they knew how).  My husband isn't into cars at all, so it's nice to have other car nuts to talk to! I'm always happy to help newbies, because I was a newbie myself not too long ago.

Feel free to write and say hi!